Monday, March 29, 2010

My "Pretty Little Things" box arrived today!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into our kitchen after work today was a priority mail box.  I knew right away what it was.  I was quick to open it and looked at every little thing inside.  Thank you again to Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living and her 300 followers giveaway. I will just look at the box of treasures for a while but I know that I'll have a great time using the things inside.  I tried to take a few pictures to show you some of the things inside.

This the box before I opened it

This shows some of the treasures inside the box

After I finished looking through the pretty things in the box and we had some dinner I started working on a project for a fun spring decoration for our kitchen. We have tub after tub of Christmas decorations but when it come to Spring decorating we don't have much.  I had seen the idea while looking around at blogs and clicking from one to another looking for ideas for spring.  I found this on a great blog called Lipstick and Laundry .  She had a link to the tutorial for this project and here they are my PEEPSWhen I saw these it took me back to Easter time when I was young.  We usually had the little yellow chicks.

I hung them first across the china cabinet

I think they will stay above the window
I had to add a blue one to match my blue and yellow kitchen

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today we celebrated our grandson Caleb's birthday.  We had spaghetti and french bread for dinner and cake and ice cream for dessert.  That is what Caleb calls "good stuff."  He had a party yesterday at home with some of his friends and celebrated at pre-school on Thursday so I would say that he has had some fun.  This is Caleb with his piece of the cake.  Amy thought that his own piece would be better than taking a chance that Caleb might share a little spit with the rest of us while blowing out the candle.

What a  sweet smile.

Our grandaughter Lily also had a birthday this week.  She turned 7 yesterday.  She also celebrated at her school and had a Birthday Tea Party with her friends.  She had a wonderful time and was still excited  when I talked to her on the phone about it today.  She told me all about the pin the flower on the teapot game they played.  It sounds like her mom planned a very special party for Lily.  Julie will send us pictures of Lily's special day.  Now that Lily has opened her gift from us I will post the picture of the doll clothes I made for her.  It was fun to sew the little outfits and I would have liked to keep making more, that will have to wait for another day.

Lily's new doll clothes

I took a couple more pictures from different angles in our "redone" bathroom and thought I would share them also.

The before pictures are in an earlier post

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty Little Things Giveaway Winner!

I was so excited to receive a message saying that I won a giveaway from 
Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living.
She called it her 300 follower-Pretty Little Things Giveaway.  Click here to take a look
300 Followers Giveaway
I will take pictures and show you everything when it arrives.  It was fun to read Rebecca's profile and find that we both have 6 children and 8 grandchildren.  I do have another grandchild due in June though.  Take a look at Rebecca's blog, I am sure you will enjoy it.  She is a very creative and talented woman.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

We had three of our grandsons spend the night with us this weedend.  They are full of energy and have a great time together.  They also make a big mess together.  My advice when you have a "slumber party" with children under five is "Do not plan to accomplish anything other than feeding, clothing, and keeping them safe," that is all you will have time for.  Also, three boys and one plastic lawnmower can be a serious problem
Papa and I will have to do some toy shopping soon.  This is our one plastic lawnmower.

As a mother of 4 boys I learned to cut their hair, now that has expanded to grandsons and son-inlaws. Caleb doesn't seem to mind at all.

Noah watching Landon and Caleb

Landon takes sliding very seriosly

Landon, Noah, Caleb

Friday, March 19, 2010

Project, Projects, Projects

I found this free pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website, I changed the colors but used the Vanna's Choice yarn that they reccommended

Friday morning and I have not done much.  I have been home with a cold, that is getting a little better and have spent some time watching HGTV and crocheting.  I took a picture of my latest crochet project.  This is my take-a-long  project right now.  At any given time I will have a sewing project or two, a cross-stitch, quilting, embroidery and decorating project all in different stages of completion .  There may be multiples of each of these things going on.  My thought is, if I post pictures of these on my blog I will be motivated to complete them sooner and not be too distracted by all of the other projects I see when I am traveling through blog land.  Time will tell if this works for me.  So here is a picture of my cross-stitch project that I have been working on for some time.  This will be quite an accomplishment when it is completed.

I want to get this done because there are many other cross-stitch patterns waiting in my sewing room for me to get started on.  I also have a goal of  learning to take much better pictures.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bathroom Update

Before the transformation

A few weeks ago I decided to make some needed changes to our bathroom.  Pat had just had back surgery  and I had stayed home from work so I went in one day and started removing wallpaper.  It turned out to be easier than I had feared and didn't take me long to get the walls down to bare sheetrock.  After our friend Pat made repairs we primed the walls and painted them "Clam Chowder" from BEHR paints.  The colors came from the fabric I used to make our new shower curtain.  We also put in a new bathroom light, tossed the mirrored strip of big round bulbs, and added a quiet fan.  It was a fairly simple project with great results.

  The colors aren't true in my pictures, I will have to practice a little with lighting and my camera but this should give you and idea of how different it looks now.


This my first post on my new blog.  I am excited about learning new ways to use this and to share what is happening here in our  "nest".  I have been using birds to decorate lately and have redone our main bathroom with birds as the focus.  I think I will work on getting the before and after pictures of our bathroom up as my first project with adding pictures to my blog.  This is going to be an adventure for me but I'll have to limit the number of times I post each week so that I don't neglect my sewing and gardening and bible study and the list goes on.